Tainted Tradition

by Final Order

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released June 11, 2019

Recorded by Brandon Carnes at Miles T-Shirts
Artwork by Tater


all rights reserved



Final Order Springfield, Illinois

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Track Name: Take Back
Standing in the back bitch I can’t hear
Foaming at the mouth with all your shit
Do me a favor and shut the fuck up
One more time fore you get hit
Speaking on things that you don’t know
Wishing I could let it go
Fuck that take me outside take me outside now
Fuck that take it outside take it outside now
Fuck that take me outside
You’re always talking in the back
Bring your ass up here
I bet my name tastes like shit
Track Name: Mauled
As the dogs bite on bone real tight
I am never alone at night
Deep to the dark there is no hope
Looking to the mirror but I’ve never been e fucking nough
GNawing biting scratching thoughts at my head
Not for certain if I’m dead am I dead yet
Forget me now is your only answer
Please let me go there is no and you have no fucking point
Track Name: Fuck State
There are bodies burning
For the white mans army
Please stop your conforming
Fuck state x2
Bodies burning, white mans army
Kill a cop
Pink sprays on white
Don’t you look twice
Fear in his eyes
No more power
Who wants a turn with the knife
Track Name: Itchy
Say what you did
Say what you said
Say what you did
Say what you said
All this hate inside of me wants to cut and see you bleed
Sickened in this fucking brain
Strength from here I cant maintain
Fess rhe fuck up bitch
There’s dad beat dead hey mom choke on choke on lead.
Track Name: No Trace
Keep her quiet
Shut the door
And don’t go in
Pray that she’s
No longer
Basked in sin
She can’t see
Won’t get up
Plz get them off

Divine assistance isn’t here x4

Get her clean
And remember
Get behind those ears
If it cries
Who cares
Don’t wipe them tears
If there’s blood
We won’t tell
It’s no good.

They’ve only ever told us lies x4

Your bitch God is not here
He’s not even looking
Stop pretending
Just another sick priest prophecy
Track Name: Peak
Revisit the past I thought I remembered
I can’t even see past November
Can you please help me find my mother
I don’t think she’s here or she’s bothered

I am not your fucking spawn
From the vein you have drawn
Innocence inside completely gone

Look at me inside my eye
Praying wishing hoping waiting to dieee

You can bleed in front of me
Please don’t run please don’t hide
Cuz I’ll bury you out fucking side

I am not your fucking spawn
From the vain you have drawn
Track Name: Let's Make A Deal
Mothers passed out on the couch
I don’t think she’s getting up soon
Some man asking if he can touch
Eyes dark as a blackened spoon

Everyday I must be silent
No one knowing just how violent
I haven’t been to school in days
Mothers got some debts to pay

Born of flesh enter my fetish
Does she know I can feel each prick x2

Hey mama there’s a trigger to my arm mama look at it
Hey mama there’s a trigger to my arm mama
Helped me pull it
Hey mama there’s a stranger in my bed mama what’s he doing
Hey mama there’s a stranger in my bed mama get him out
Track Name: False Hope
God is fucking dead
Faith molding in my head
For you there’s no peace
I don’t rest on knees

Listen to them now
Chanting holy names
Hell no I won’t bow
Bringing only shame

Fold your fucking hands

Not as if you care
Your love I don’t bare
Can’t strip me of my fear
I know you’re not there
Track Name: No More Time
Where the fuck were you
Red white and blue x2

All around us there’s
Ashes falling
Mothers crying
Families bleeding
Separation in our nation
Our systems have failed
There’s nothing left
Save yourself
There is no more time

Where the fuck were you
Red white and blue x2

I’ve lost
My mind
A thousand times
Living in this hell we’re in
I must break free
From your control
Bite the head off the snake x2

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